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Weekly worldwide shipping to over 144 countries and 5000 worldwide destinations.

Worldwide Shipping

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Online Tracking

Weekly International Shipping

The UK’s major manufacturing and exporting companies do not wait to have their goods shipped overseas. By sharing and consolidating with the UK’s top exporters we
ensure your goods are packed quickly and ready to ship out on the next available ship.

Our unique Shrink-fast packing systems allows us to ship out weekly direct from the UK without having to wait for other personal clients to fill up our containers.

By sharing our containers with our commercial clients we are able to offer weekly international shipping services to over 144 countries and over 6400 worldwide destinations.

Once collected from your home your goods will be packed and ready for shipping within 3 days. Your possessions are shipped using the most reliable shipping lines providing the fastest international shipping transit times possible.

Call us, and we will give you the next available vessel by name, sailing date and arrival time. In addition we will confirm the vessel your shipment is on, the sailing time and the expected arrival time via a Certificate of Shipment, this will also include your overseas contact agent’s details.

Registered UK Customs Broker

As a registered UK Customs broker our fast-track documentation services also ensure that your goods are promptly cleared through UK customs and our documentation systems mean we can release goods at your overseas destination quickly once they have cleared through customs.

Track Your Container Online

You can also use our online container tracking services allowing you to locate your goods anywhere worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wherever you are on the globe!

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If you need more information about our services please contact our team today on freephone 0800 3890 784 or alternatively fill in our simple, online enquiry form and we will call you back. Our dedicated team are waiting to help!

Weekly Sailings

International shipping services with weekly sailings include direct shipping to:

Daily Collections

Weekly International Shipping services with daily collections from all major UK cities including: