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Your overseas removals price guarantee!

Our unique shrink-fast packing systems offers the advantages of safety and security when shipping household goods and personal effects overseas. The other main advantage is on how this enables us to accurately cost your move and offer an unbeatable price guarantee.

Quite simply, we will know the EXACT size of your shipment once it has undergone our stringent packing process ensuring you are billed for the exact size of your move.

Pictured to the right is a customers finished pallet ready for shipping. This pallet is accurately measured length x width x height to give us an EXACT size prior to shipping. The pallet is also independently measured by the shipping line before loading into your container to ensure that we are also charged for the exact size and volume of your goods. No Guessing!

These measurements, and the total volume of your pallet, or pallets, are clearly disclosed on all shipping documents as prepared by the shipping line and 1st Move. This allows us to offer our “Price Guarantee” and ensure you will only pay for what you ship.

No More. No Less. No guessing!

Our Packing Process

Our unique packing process not only maximises safety and security but also ensures that you are charged for the EXACT size of your shipment.

For example: This pallet measures 1M x 1M x 2M. The total volume of this pallet is 2 cubic metres. Shipping charges are then calculated on this exact volume.