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We go to great lengths to protect your belongings during their move overseas and we are extremely proud of exceptional record of claims. By keeping your goods protected without compromise we dramatically reduce the risk of loss or damage.

However, because of the long distances travelled and the need for 3rd parties (like customs officers) to handle your shipment we always recommend you take out insurance to cover for that rare unforeseen mishap.

Peace of Mind

Moving overseas can be a stressful experience for anybody, and while we do our absolute best to make the process as comfortable for you as possible we can’t account for everything. It is extremely rare that our customers need to make an insurance claim but the peace of mind that knowing you are covered just in case provides is invaluable.

Customized Cover

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of taking insurance – we make it simple and easy. Our insurance options allow you to pick and choose which items you want to insure. This means you can save money on the costs easily as well as be sure your expensive, fragile or irreplacable items are covered. There’s no need to shell out to insure that box of old books just because your 60″ plasma TV is going as well. You decide exactly what to cover.

Our Insurance Products

    • Standard Cover Costs 4% of the total value of insured goods and will cover you for loss, theft and breakage. Our most popular cover. This policy carries an excess of between £25.00 and £ 250.00 depending on the value of your goods.

    • Super Cover Costs 4.5% of the total value of insured goods. As per Standard Cover but without any Claims Excess.

  • Restricted Cover is also available at a reduced premium of 2% but will only cover your goods in the the event of "Total Loss".