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From the information you give us we will allocate the number of packers you may need, packing materials required, labour / men, size of vehicle and any other additional services you require on your moving day.

Your moving day can be stressful, please help us to give you the correct level of service on the day, by providing us with clear details of your moving order. (If your grand piano is on top of your Aga cooker, 5 floors up with no lift, please give us a little warning...)

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NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED NOW. We require payment only after we have collected and packed, but before we ship overseas. Please choose payment method.

INSURANCE: Insurance by Royal Sun Alliance.

We offer 3 types of cover as follows.

Supercover: A full cover, All Risks policy for loss, theft and breakage of any of your insured goods. There is no excess.

Standard Cover: Same as above but with an excess on any claim at 1% of the claim value.

Restricted cover: Total loss only and will cover you in the event that all of your goods are lost or stolen.

Please select your insurance option below.

You can insure all of your goods or simply cover those you feel are important to you, however we recommend at least our Standard Cover policy which is more than adequate to cover your goods in the event of loss and theft and includes damage cover for all goods professionally packed by 1st Move.

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