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Dealing directly with private clients

About Move Me

Moveme is the micro-site for 1st Move International Removals.

We are one of only a few professional forwarders who deal with private clients as well as our commercial clients. The role of a Freight Forwarder is to ensure the smooth transit of UK  export orders being shipped overseas. We are one of over 2000 registered and approved Freight Forwarding companies and trade as members of the British International Freight Association

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How Did We Get Here?

The company was first established over 20 years ago and it’s main business then was acting as a professional Freight Forwarding Company working for some of the UK’s smallest and largest exporters in the process of shipping their hard won export orders.

In 1996 the company was asked to relocate a member of staff for one of our commercial clients who had taken up a position as export sales director for their new
offices in Kuwait. We were happy to oblige. Our experience in shipping commercial goods had taught us a few lessons. Great packing is essential!
Ensuring goods are safely and securely packed simply minimises the risks involved when shipping overseas. It is the bedrock of any international move. This is one aspect of the moving process over which we have full control and getting it right, first time, is essential for a stress free move.

A happy customer indeed, his goods arrived on time, and intact and from this first shipment over 15 years ago 1st Move has grown from strength to strength and remains the UK’s top, privately owned and independant international removals company.

From the very first contact with our client in the UK to final delivery to the client overseas, it is the forwarders role to ensure the export process runs smoothly and efficiently.
Our expertise includes indepth knowledge of customs formalites and all the neccessary paperwork involved in getting your goods, whetehr they are commercial or personal, overseas. Quickly, efficiently, safe and Secure.
And ideally on the next available ship. We do not hang around !

Safe and Secure - Just like our Business

Our international movers handle over 2500 shipments each and every year. Our unique packing systems ensure we have the lowest insurance claims record in our field.
The company maintains a strong balance sheet and shows consistent growth year on year.
Over the last 2 years the company has reported profits to companies house of over
£2 million, and pays it’s taxes in the UK.
The strong financial stabilty ensures constant reinvestment in our people and technologies designed to get your prized posessions overseas faster, safer and more secure.

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